1. Vision: Faith Reason Quest Incorporated is a Ministry with a vision to reach the Intellectual Community and the Opinion Makers of the Society with the Message of God’s Truth in a rational, reliable and experiential approach empowered by the Spirit of God

2. Mission: Faith Reason Quest Incorporated participates in God’s Mission to bring Him all the Glory by preaching and teaching God’s Word to all the people of the world with evangelistic and apologetic zeal in order to have reasonable faith in the God of the Universe who revealed himself in the person and the work of Jesus Christ.

3. Specializations: Faith Reason Quest Incorporated is primarily focused to the Branch of Christian Theology devoted to the intellectual defense of Christian faith while specializing the following areas:

a. Apologetic-s

b. Christian Response to Other faiths

c. Counseling

d. Preaching Ministries

e. Teaching Ministries

f. Writing Ministries

g. Faith and Science Debate Forums

h. Humanitarian Concerns

i. Ecological Conservation

Dr. Vivek A. Gundimi is a graduate of South Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) where he earned Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Theology and Counselling, and a Master of Divinity from Southern Asia Bible College.  He has also earned Master of Philosophy from Bangalore University and a Bachelor of Commerce from SBMJC, Bangalore University. He has presently finished his studies on Information Technology Management from Alison Learning.

Vivek, his wife Esther and their son John live and worship in Bangalore, India.

Dr. Vivek currently serves as a Methodist Pastor at Richomnd Town Methodist Church, Bangalore. Prior to his Pastoral Ministry he served on faculty at AECS and part time faculty at other Seminaries. He has authored numerous articles and booklets on Christian Growth, Apologetic-s and Missions. Dr. Vivek speaks frequently at Youth rallies, Churches, Gospel meetings, Seminars around the country.


He specializes in presenting Seminars and Debates on the following topics:

  1. Decisiveness and Uniqueness of Christ in a Pluralistic Society
  2. Infallibility, Inerrancy and Inspiration of the Bible
  3. Creation vs. Evolution
  4. Christian response to Other Faiths
  5. Christian response to Modern Ideologies and Modern Philosophies and Modern Behaviors.
  6. Existence of God


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